Every week in my collection development newsletter, which I may start producing with a nifty program called TinyLetter (“Email for people with something to say”), I break out personal favorites. We’re on the cusp of March, so you know that I know it’s high time I dig up choice backlist for Women’s History Month.

The first Cloud publishing partner I thought of was Brooklyn-based Akashic Books, because they have a deep, challenging, and multicultural list of women writers, from No Wave icon Lydia Lunch to NAACP Image Award finalist Bernice L. McFadden. You could even go the way of Akashic’s Noir series, as it’s also often edited by women.

There you have it. More to come for Women’s History Month.

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    Reading for women’s history month.
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    Thanks! We also have some great forthcoming works by neat, wonderful, important women.
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