I’m back from London, good people of the Tumblarian-verse, with a spark in my eye and a double-action spring in my step from the positive reception we received from the UK publishing industry, not to mention our American partners, present and future (you did read about our pilot with S. & S., didn’t you?).

Thank you to everyone who met with us at our second London Book Fair, but especially the effervescent Sandy Mahal, program manager of The Reading Agency, a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase literacy through, among other initiatives, dynamic collaborations between libraries and publishers. Case in point: The Reading Agency, together with the Publishers Association (the UK equivalent of the Association of American Publishers), won an EDGE 2013 award for their project to enable publishers to share their digital marketing expertise with libraries so that libraries may better market their collections and build an engaged community.

Another example is pictured above: working their connections, The Reading Agency arranged to have Brit Pop legend Jarvis Cocker, also an editor-at-large for Faber & Faber, open the Wakefield Library. A little star power goes a long way, as we all know.

Here’s to public library ebook lending across the Pond, and on our shores for that matter. We’ve much to learn and hopefully much to benefit each other.

*puts nose to grindstone*

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