"[Dan Cohen] wants to find ways for public libraries to engage in collective action with book publishers to make e-books as available as possible to US citizens. He wants the DPLA to explore alternative approaches to copyright that preserve authors’ and publishers’ chief profit window but also maximizing a work’s circulation, including the “library license” that would allow public, noncommercial entities (like the DPLA) to have digital access to certain works in copyright after five years, or Knowledge Unlatched, a consortium that purchases in-copyright books for open access."


The Verge’s Tim Carmody elucidates the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), with extremely helpful input from DPLA Executive Director Dan Cohen. 

Compared with what Harvard University Librarian Robert Darnton offered yesterday in The New York Review of Books,I found this a much clearer description of how the DPLA will work technologically. And, thank you, Mr. Cohen, for addressing the issue of commercial publishing and the role of authors.

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