A Librarian’s Guide to Seattle by Two Bada$$ Librarians

So I know these two librarians (Stephanie Chase and Alene Moroni) who never seem to sleep, and on top of it all they herd husbands, cats, vendors, ebooks, and children. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m happy to be awed by them over and over again—and aspire to carve out as luscious a life for myself.

They wrote this handy Tumblr cheat sheet to where Midwinter ALA attendees should eat and drink in Seattle, plus what they should see in their free moments. It’s as insider as it gets, trust me. They haven’t told me, however, if the 1990s are still raging there as they are rumored to be in Portland, OR. Hmmmm…

Thank you, ladies, and one love. Now, Tumblarians, spread the word!

Best Bars for Meeting

Best Coffee Close to the Convention Center (courtesy the lovely folks from Seattle Public’s Readers Services Department)

Best Coffee Between the Convention Center and Seattle’s Central Library (courtesy the lovely folks from Seattle Public’s Readers Services Department)

Places To Eat

For Vegetarians and Vegans (from Seattle Weekly’s “Best of…” Lists)

Places You Should Go Whilst in Seattle

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    Seconded: Dick’s is basically Seattle’s Miss Emily. All their burgers are under $2, and adding a milkshake and fries is...
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    I am printing this out.
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    And don’t forget to pick up a piroshky while exploring the market!
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