MEET DENNIS JOHNSON, PUBLISHER OF CLOUD PARTNER MELVILLE HOUSE: When I was Book Review Editor of Library Journal, I launched a series called “Librarian-Publisher Dialog” to foster constructive dialog between two natural-born collaborators in the publishing ecosystem. Librarian Jim Carmin’s meaty conversation with Johnson stands out for revealing what makes an indie publisher tick.

Johnson’s respect for the library market is true:

One reason behind the development of the HybridBook project was that we saw it as an opportunity for a deeper partnership with libraries, starting with seeing it as a whole new way to revive and champion some of the fundamental works of any collection—works by giants such as Tolstoy, Chekhov, Flaubert, Joyce, and so on. And the very stuff of the Illuminations is a reenactment of a wonderful hunt through the stacks of a library. Isn’t that where we all got our start as book lovers?

Read on to deepen your continuing education in publishing. And look for original publisher interviews coming in 2013. Volunteer librarian journalists needed!

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