Heather Corners a Collection Development Librarian in a Dream She Had Last Night

Heather: Hi. So, I guess I'm weird to imagine this scenario, which I will undoubtedly publish on Tumblr for all to see.

CDL: Yep. *files nails*

Heather: Well, I haven't gotten an answer on Twitter, and it's important.

CDL: Shoot. Not too directly, though. You're standing kinda close, lady.

Heather: Sorry. *takes two steps back; clears throat* Here goes: Are public librarians interested in fiction and nonfiction shorts, as well as short story offshoots of popular franchises?

CDL: Interested, yes. Anything to broaden and deepen our collections. But our money is probably better spent on longer-form works. Though the circ spikes from short works would be nice.

Heather: Is that your official answer?

CDL: Of course it is! I'm a professional, baby.

Heather: *wakes up with a cat on her face* I gotta find me a real-life librarian. Anyone out there? Anyone?

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